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Svbony 1.25'' H-Beta 25nm Filter

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SKU: W9102A
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The 1.25'' H-Beta 25nm Filter allows you to visually observe the ever-popular yet elusive Horsehead Nebula with large aperture telescopes under dark skies, and can also be used to image the Horsehead as well as others that emit light at 486nm, such as the California and Cocoon nebula.

Svbony 1.25'' H-Beta filter 25nm.jpg

Svbony 1.25'' H-Beta filter 25nm.jpg

Svbony 1.25'' H-Beta filter 25nm.jpg

Svbony 1.25'' H-Beta filter 25nm.jpg

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Model W9102A
Size  1.25''
Thread Size M28.5*0.6
Blocking area 400-700nm
Transmittance 80% at 486nm
Transmission Hg 0.1% at 435nm and 578nm
Transmission Na 0.1% at 589nm
FWHM 25±3nm
Thickness 1.85mm

1. Each Svbony filter has an ultra hard, vacuum-deposited coating carefully designed to observe the Orion Horsehead Nebula and the California Nebula, which are difficult to capture. This eliminates the un-natural colored halos surrounding bright stars common with H-Beta filters of less sophisticated coating technology

2. The 1.25'' Svbony H-Beta filters suitable for viewing bright nebulae, and matching with large-aperture telescopes to observe linear spectrum nebulae,such as the M42 Orion Nebula under severe light pollution, emission nebulae, planetary stars & supernova remnants

3. Suitable for viewing on the faint and elusive Horsehead Nebula and California Nebula

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