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SV151 High Precision 1.25" Double Helical Focuser

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If you are a serious person who is dedicated to astronomy, then you may wish to try the Svbony SV151 double helical focuser. The latest SV151 has o.o5mm accuracy to make your field of vision more accurate and perfect. We also have adapters to connect the SV151 to your 1.25 "/ 2" telescope, finder scope, even camera.

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Model SV151
Color Black
Material Aluminum Alloy
Interface 1.25 inch with M42*0.75 male thread
primary Mirror Interfaces M31X0.5
Accuracy 0.05mm
Focusing stroke 10mm
Net Weight 93g
Dimensions 50*46*46mm

1.SVBONY SV151 High Precision Double Helical Focuser is made of durable all-metal and has a long service life

2.Its precision is 0.05mm, the precise focus provides you with clear and bright pictures

3.Its inner diameter is attached w/ Brass Compression Ring to protect the eyepiece from scratches

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