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The SVBONY Astronomical Telescope has outstanding optics, high-quality mechanical components. Fitted with achromatic glass for good edge-to-edge viewing, fully multi green coated lens maximize light transmission eliminating false color. The 2 inch Rotatable Double speed focuser, for smooth operation, great feel and precise adjustability. This is a good telescope provides for astrophotography visual observers or nature watchers.


  1. Model: SV48
  2. Optical Design: Refractor
  3. Caliber: 90mm
  4. Optic Coated: FMC
  5. Objective Lens: Achromatic doublet fully coated lens
  6. Focal Length: 500mm
  7. Focal Ratio: F/5.5
  8. Eyepiece Barrel Diameter: 2-inch (w/ 1.25 inch adapter)
  9. Focuser: 2 inch Rotatable Double Speed Focuser
  10. Millimeter markings on focuser drawtube: Yes
  11. 360-degree rotatable: Yes
  12. Dust plug: One 1.25" dust plug included
  13. Finder scope Bracket: Yes
  14. Mount Type: Dovetail Plate
  15. Dovetail Plate Length: 100mm
  16. Net Weight: 2.48kg / 87.45oz

2“ SV48 Astronomy Telescope 90mm F5.5 Refractor

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2 inch 90500 astronomical telescope for Deep Space Objects photography

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