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SV134 Fully Metal Multi-Purpose Azimuth Mount Theodolite

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Svbony SV134 Theodolite .jpg

Svbony SV134 Theodolite.jpg

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Svbony SV134 Theodolite.jpgSvbony Theodolite SV134.pngSvbony SV134 Theodolite.png

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Model SV134
Material Fully Metal
Horizontal angle 360-Degree
 Vertical angle 120-Degree
Max loading capacity 7.7lb
Underneath the Base thread UNC 3/8-16
Dimension 200*145*130mm

1. Fully Metal Multi-Purpose Azimuth Mount

2. 7.7 pound payload capacity

3. Dovetail plate w/ UNC 1/4" screw

4. Micro-adjustment knobs, The fine movement device can move 360 ° in the horizontal direction and 120 ° in the vertical direction

5. Latitude adjustment lock

6. Be used to mount camera, telescopes, large binoculars and Spotting Scopes

7. Underneath the Base is a 3/8 thread which can mount to many of todays popular photo tripods

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