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Take SV301 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope To Go Night Hunting!


The SV301 is an infrared thermal imaging rifle scope, which has seven marking types that is suitable for different purposes or targets, and four presets that is suitable for different firearms, so it can be mounted on various firearms for night hunting. It has Light weight, small size, easy to carry, and has a long working time, good conceal ability. In addition it can penetrate smoke, dust or night. And it is versatile day/night, especially suitable for night hunting. Its detector has a resolution of 384x288 pixel and its color display has a resolution of 1024x768, which makes its picture sharper. 2X-4X optical amplification, which is clearer and closer to the target. It has four color differentiation, white, black, red, color, to meet the different preferences of customers. In addition, it also has picture-in-picture, or small window display. And it can be connected to a rangefinder. And connect the display device for video output. Thanks to its built-in high-performance VOX detector, it can output fine images. Its buttons are easy to operate and have a user-friendly user interface. Even first-time users can learn quickly how to use it smoothly. Do you want such a convenient thermal imaging rifle scope? If you have any questions about this thermal imaging rifle scope, please send email to hunting@svbony.com.

Notice: do not look directly at the sun, carbon dioxide laser, welding machine and other high-intensity radiation sources with the thermal imaging rifle scope, which may cause your eyes damage.

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