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  • Low-dispersion lanthanum glass;using advanced computer design;combinations of low dispersion and high refractive index optical glasses;and durable multilayer deposition coatings
  • The 72 Series Argon-Purged waterproof extreme wide field eyepieces are optimized to produce high contrast;high resolution;and superior flat field characteristics
  • The 72 Series eyepieces come with a removable and foldable soft silicone rubber eyecup for the comfort of the observer
  • Fully multi-coated glasses for excellent image contrast and light transmission
  • Sharp optimal performance with low chromatic aberration;watch the scenery;bright celestial observations;nebula and so on;It's a great Halloween birthday christmas gift
US$ 35.99

Svbony 1.25'' plossl 25mm eyepiece, fully multi-coated metal for astronomy telescope

The 25mm low power svbony eyepiece is a 4 -element premium symmetrical Plössl optical design

US$ 16.99
  • Extremely large 72-degree apparent field of view;affordable 18mm telescope eyepiece offers a wide field of view and superior performance apparent field offers expansive views of the moon;star clusters;and the Milky Way
  • Sharp optimal performance with low chromatic aberration;high power and medium eyepiece fits for viewing surface and potholes details;It's a great Halloween birthday christmas gift
  • Perfects for broad field observations from lunar;medium sized star clusters to wide range of cloudy nebulas and deep sky targets with extra sharpness
  • 18mm telescope eyepiece offers a wide field of view and superior performance; 5-element design delivers sharp images with good color correction and contrast
  • Standard 1.25” 31.7mm fitting diameter compatible with any astronomical telescope with 1.25" focuser;5-elemen fully multi-coated lenses with blackened edges and rotating adjustable eyecups allows comfortable viewing and lets eyeglass wearers see the entire field of view
US$ 48.99

Svbony 1.25 inch plossl 4mm fully multi-coated eyepiece for astronomical telescope

US$ 10.99

Svbony 1.25" Plossl 40mm Eyepiece Fully Multi Green Coated Metal for Astronomy Telescope

Coated Metal for Astronomy Telescope  

US$ 26.49

  • Flat Field Eyepiece;offer corrected field curvature;you will observe an image not just in the centre but right out to the outer edge
  • Clear image;Fully multi-coated and blackened lens edges to reduce reflections; 8 lens 5 groups give you an image of high colour purity and excellent contrast
  • Comfortable;65° wide field of view keeps stars planets and lunar details in focus across the field of view; 20mm eye-relief is ideal for long intensive observing sessions
  • Eyecup;folded-up eyecup fit for glasses wearers or not;removing eyecup has a M42x0.75 thread for astrophotography
  • 18mm eyepiece;medium power eyepiece for a bright, low power view of the moon and most all deep-sky objects

US$ 89.99

Svbony SV191 super-wide-angle 1.25'' zoom eyepiece 7.2-21.6mm and 9mm-27mm, allow you to change magnification power without swapping out eyepieces.

US$ 89.99