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2 inch 90500 astronomical telescope for Deep Space Objects photography


Your First Telescope to open up the interest on Universe.


Your First Travel Telescope! UPC :608560853564 Svbony SV25 60mm aperture 420mm focal length refractor astronomy telescope, Achromatic objective lens optical system design.


Svbony sv502 Astronomy Telescope is ideal gift for children, can helps children learn more astronomical knowledge. It is made of environmental friendly materials.


Color Astronomy Camera for Planetary Viewing and Capturing


Your First Astronomy Camera!


When total solar or partial eclipse happening, it can greatly shorten the searching time using this solar finder scope, you can observe the real-time location of it when the sun moving.


Versatile 60mm aperture Guide Scope with a built-in helical focuser for precise focusing of potential guide stars. Svbony SV106 Guide Scope can ensure that the main mirror accurately tracks the celestial body to be observed. This SV106 is used as a deluxe straight-through finder scope with optional 1.25" eyepieces installed (eyepieces sold separately)


Svbony SV106 50mm finder achromatic refractor with helical focuser. SV106 has FMC (fully- multi-coated) green coating, which can enhance the light transmittance and accurately track the celestial body being photographed.


Dark Filter would be used in a filter wheel for CCDs without a mechanical shutter to make dark frames...


The 2"Svbony OIII narrowband filters isolates just the two doubly-ionized oxygen lines (495.9nm&500.7nm) emitted by planetary and emission nebulae, while blocking the rest of the overall spectrum of light.


SVBONY SV139 dimming filter is suitable for 1.25-inch eyepiece . The filter can reduce the overall brightness of the moon's surface.  so you can see more details and surface features of moon with your telescope.


Svbony Light Pollution Reduction UHC Filters are designed to selectively reduce the transmission of certain wavelengths of light, specifically those produced by artificial light.


The VPL Filter have premium quality metal rim &optics glass lens . Reduce glare and increase contrast of the Moon with the Svbony 1.25” VPL Filters Also useful for extra bright planets as well as terrestrial viewing over sand or snow. Fit standard sized 1.25" eyepieces and accessories.


Because Svbony Brand H-Alpha Filter is 656nm mainly through the high permeability of the spectrum, and 656nm spectrum of the color presented by the red-based, 300-1100nm cut-off depth to get the details of the launch nebula richer.


The Svbony 1.25" and 2" polarizing filter is a premium anodized aluminum. Optical glass polarizing filter designed to reduce the amount of light entering the eyepiece and increase contrast and reduce glare for more detail .The 1.25-inch polarizing filter is the best choice for the moon and other planets.