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SV105 Planetary Camera 2MP USB2.0 for Beginners Astrophotography

SKU: F9159A
US$ 49.99

Dark light compensation technology;greatly improve the camera's image clarity in low light conditions;

Record 2K video at high speed;up to 30 frames per second at 1920x1080 resolution;

Great for lunar and planetary shots;share the view of bright planets;the Moon and terrestrial targets;not suitable for deep space imaging.

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SV105-Invert moon

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Fantastic entry-level camera

This is great for entry-level lunar and planetary imaging. I typically use a Canon DSLR but I wanted to try using a digital eyepiece. I was impressed at how much information the sensor picks up. Works great with Windows 10 and Sharpcap. I took some pretty impressive images of Jupiter, however I will probably use this primarily as a lunar camera.

Doesn't work with Xiaomi redmi note 9 with USB Camera app

The app recognise the camera sv105 but I see the black screen in my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 smartphone. Connecting a auxiliary lead of powerbank doesn't help.


Excellent construction quality. It works in Windows and on Android smartphone. Delivers good quality pictures for planets and moon. For its price, is the best planetary camera for someone who wants to check out planetary imaging. I will purchase the 305 but I will keep the 105 for when I want to shoot without laptop since the 105 makes portability a breeze since it connects to an android phone or tablet using vUSB camera app.

Exceptional for price range.

Found this low cost camera to be exceptionally good for its price range ,very pleased with its performance and it will do what its intended to do. Delivery is vey quick thank you Svbony.
Model SV105
Sensor 1/3" CMOS OV2710
Pixel Size 3μm
Resolution 2 Mega Pixels 1920X1080
Max FPS 30fps(MJPG 1920*1080)
Video encoding format MJPG/YUV
ADC 10 bit
Interface USB 2.0
Material Aluminum alloy
Supported OS Windows, Linux, Mac
Power Consumption 150mA@5V
Working Temperature -0°C~45°C
Storage Temperature -10°C~60°C
Working Relative Humidity 20%~80%
Storage Relative Humidity 20%~95%

Svbony SV105 could work with Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android system. 

>Windows system with Sharpcap software for Windows


>Linux system with AstroDMx capture for Linux


>Mac OS with oaCapture for Mac system


> Android with USB Camera

Download USB Camera in your android APP Store

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