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SV503 ED Telescope-1.25'' SHO Filter set

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As many Astronomers use our SV503 series telescopes for deep-sky photography, so we set this suit to satisfy different customer needs.






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Product Name SV503 70F6 ED Astronomy Telescope SV503 80F7 ED Astronomy Telescope SV503 102F7 ED Astronomy Telescope
Type Refractor Refractor Refractor
ED Glass S-FPL51 S-FPL51 S-FPL51
Aperture 70mm / 2.75-Inch 80mm /3-Inch 102mm / 4.01-Inch
Focal length 420mm 560mm 714mm
Focal Ratio f/6 f/7 f/7
Type of Focuser RAP (Rack and Pinion) RAP (Rack and Pinion) RAP (Rack and Pinion)
Gear Reduction 1:10 Fine movement 1:10 Fine movement 1:10 Fine movement
Resolving capacity 1.97" 1.97" 1.17"
Limit value 11.3 11.6 12.1
Light gathering capacity 100x 130.6x 212x
Max. Useful magnification 140x 160x 204x
Tube weight 2.22kg 3.95kg 5.5kg
Tube outer diameter 88mm 121mm
Tube material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Back Focus Length 90mm 90mm 101.9mm
OTA Length 318mm 630mm
Dovetail & Ring Yes Yes Yes
Dovetail Length 150mm 200mm

Size 1.25-inch 1.25-inch 1.25-inch
Type OIII filter SII filter H-Alpha filter
Wavelength Range 300-1000nm  300-1000nm  300-1100nm 
CWL 500nm 672nm 656nm
FWHM 7nm 7nm 7nm
Surface Parallelism 1/4λ 1/4λ 1/4λ
parallelism 30° 30° 30°
T peak 80% 80% 85%

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