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Svbony SV180 Phone Telescope Adapter with Platform Micro-motion and Adjusting Lever Bracket

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Svbony SV180 black upgraded multi-function phone telescope adapter with platform micro-motion and adjusting lever bracker, suitable for telescope/binoculars/monoculars/spotting scopes/mobile phones etc.

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Model SV180
Fit for phone width within 53-98mm
Compatible with eyepiece 31.7mm to 60mm in diameter
Material Fully aluminum CNC
Color  Black
Net 510g

1. Svbony X-axis and Y-axis with platform micro-motion and adjusting lever bracket for phone telescope adapter,suitable for telescope/binoculars/monoculars/spotting scopes/mobile phones etc

2. Fully aluminum CNC processing made, soft rubber protector available, prevents marring or scratching of eyepiece

3. Comes with one smartphone brackets, suitable for most smartphone width within 53-98mm

4. Compatible with eyepiece from 31.7mm to 60mm in diamater

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