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SV164 Dark Filter For CCDs 1.25inch

SKU: W9124A
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  • Sturdy standard 1.25-inch filter; SV164 dark frame imaging filter measures 1.25 inches and is suitable for standard 1.25-inch equipment; the filter frame is made of metal for durability
  • Quickly capture dark frames to optimize photo quality; opaque filters block all light from the imaging camera sensor; help remove dark currents; especially in astrophotography; guarantee high-precision pictures
  • Easily eliminate camera noise and hot pixels; Dark frame acquisition helps remedy such noise and "hot pixels" by canceling out these disruptive effects during image processing
  • SV164 1.25-inch dark frame imaging filter is threaded and can be directly connected to your filter wheel; allowing you to achieve fast conversion between different filters; very convenient
  • High quality packing box; the included foam-lined plastic case will keep your dark frame imaging filter safe during transport and storage
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Model W9124A
Size 1.25 inch
Material Metal
Thread Standard M28.5*0.6
Type Dark Frame Imaging Filter
Thickness​ 2mm

1. Svbony Dark Frame Imaging Filter 1.25-Inch capture dark frames quickly to optimize photo quality

2. It can Easily eliminate camera noise and hot pixels, opaque filter blocks all light from imaging camera sensors

3. The 1.25 inch Dark Frame Imaging Filter is threaded for direct attachment to filter wheels

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