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Thematic Photography Competition

Earth's birds are abundant and diverse, and they are unique and beautiful messengers of our natural world. Birds not only bring us joy and surprise, but also play an important role in maintaining ecological balance and conveying unique information.

On May 11, we will usher in an exciting holiday - World Migratory Bird Day. This year’s theme is Protect Insects, Protect Birds, and the day aims to raise awareness of migratory bird conservation and celebrate the spectacular migration journeys these flyers display. Participating in World Migratory Bird Day activities is an important way to express our support and concern for the protection of migratory birds. Let us promote World Migratory Bird Day and participate in the protection of this magnificent natural wonder.

To this end, we have held a special photography competition. Let us work together to promote and cherish birds, and jointly protect this beautiful and precious natural resource. Have a great time catching more birds and breaking your own birding record! World Birding Day 2024 is coming soon, pick up your bird watching scope or binoculars and share with us the precious pictures you have recorded!

3. Pictures about insects and birds will be given priority for selection.

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