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New 72 Degree Wide Angle Aspheric Eyepiece

New 72 Degree Wide Angle Aspheric Eyepiece

New 72 Degree Wide Angle Aspheric Eyepiece

Hello everyone, Svbony bring you some new products. I am sure the astronomy amateurs will love it. the larger field of view is loved by most astronomers, so svbony produce some 66 degree and 68 degree eyepieces sets. And now, we make new 72 degree wide angle aspheric eyepieces.

Package Include

one 1.25" 9mm 72 degree aspheric eyepiece, one 1.25" 18mm 72 degree aspheric eyepiece, and one 2 inch 34mm 72 degree aspheric eyepiece. we also recommend a 3x barlow lens for reaching different magnification power.  so that astronomer amateurs could view the moon or other planets with different details. 


SVBONY Wide Angle 72°Series Aspheric Eyepieces and Upgrade 3x Barlow Lens for Astronomical Telescope. Using advanced computer design, the combinations of low dispersion and high refractive index optical glasses. And fully multi-coated glasses for excellent image contrast and light transmission. The 72 ° Series Argon-Purged Waterproof extreme wide field eyepieces are optimized to produce high contrast, high resolution, and superior flat field characteristics. Sharp optimal performance with low chromatic aberration. The 72 degree Series eyepieces come with a removable and foldable soft silicone rubber eyecup, for the comfortable using.and it is ideal for watching the scenery, bright celestial observations, nebula and so on

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