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Can SV105 work with SV13?

Can SV105 work with SV13?

Can SV105 work with SV13?

Yesterday, one customer asked he has an SV105 astronomy camera and an SV13 spotting scope, and can the two work together? To deal with this question, we give a test. And take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the beauty of spring.



At first, we want to take some photos with our phone and we forget to get the smartphone holder.

And as we are going to take photos with SV105, it strikes me that the USB adapter is at home. OK, maybe the adapter wants to have a rest, it's the weekend after all.

Almost forget everything. So when you prepare to take some photos outdoors and appreciate the scene of mountains and lakes, don’t forget to check if you take all the things you need.

And the equipment we need is:

SV13 Spotting Scope(SKU: F9314AB)

SV13 spotting scope.jpg

M42x0.75 to 1.25" Camera Adapter.jpg

Extension Tube for SV13 Spotting Scope(SKU:F9162A)

Extension Tube for SV13 Spotting Scope.jpg

SV105C Planetary Camera(SKU:F9159B)

SV105 camera.jpg

SV101P Aluminum Travel Tripod(SKU: F9140B)

SV101P Aluminum Travel Tripod.jpg

And trust me, in photography(no matter what kind), the tripod is the most important part, it is also the basement, anyone buys a cheap tripod will pay more time and pains to carefully adjust and even don’t dare to move the baby tripod, or it will shake as an earthquake occurs.

the SV13 setup.jpg


2.The test videos

The weather is quite good today, we choose a flock of pigeons about 350 meters as our observation target.

The video link: SV13+SV105 video link

Tip: when we look through the eyepiece, the things in the scope look normal like our naked eyes. But when we put the SV105 on the SV13 scope, the image is 18o°overturn.


And as the distance is a little far away, so there is some dispersion as the atmospheric refraction. And we also take hurry photos backlight for a bird(about 50 meters).

3. Conclusion

The SV13 and the SV105 could work together, and anyone, who has better photo-taking skills than me, can get a contented image or video with SV13.

Enjoy yourself, enjoy the spring scenery.

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