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How to clean your eyepiece?

How to clean your eyepiece?

How to clean your eyepiece?

It could be really annoying when you finally set up your telescope and ready to have a great time with it but find out all you get is a blur. Don’t rush to suspect that there is something wrong with your device, maybe your eyepiece just needs to be cleaned.

let me remind you first, it’s really important to protect your eyepiece from dust or scratch because basically there should be a coating on the lens, which means when you try to wipe the dust off from the lens, you may have the chance to damage the coatings, let alone the scratches.

But don’t worry too much, the following items will make your cleaning nice and easy.

1. A squeeze bulb air blower

As the name suggests, just squeeze the bulb and the air will blow all the dust on the lens. And something also great about that is it has no touch to the lens so the lens will be perfectly cleaned without any potential damage to the coatings.

how to clean your eyepiece

2. A microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloths don't scratch lens, it’s made to be non-abrasive and protects your lens at all times throughout the cleaning process. This is also why you do not use your shirttails, jacket sleeves, shirt sleeves, or other non-microfiber materials. Those alternatives will scratch your lens and make it harder to get a good image.

how to clean your eyepiece

3. Lens brush

You can tilt the lens downside and brush slightly the surface of the lens so that the dust would fall to the ground.

how to clean your eyepiece

4. Cotton swabs and cleaning alcohol

The body of the eyepiece, especially the grip part, could easily be stained by the oil on our skin and attract dirt, so you may also need to use the cotton swab dipped in cleaning alcohol to clean the body. The excellent touch will definitely improve the experience of your observation.

Good soldiers must know how to protect and take good care of their guns and take it as their responsibility. Like I said at first, the most important thing is to keep your gear away from the dirt, so I guess the best way to clean your eyepieces is to always remember to put on the dust cap when you finish using them.

Click to protect your lens: cleaning.

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