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How to take a time-lapse video with SV305?

How to take a time-lapse video with SV305?

How to take a time-lapse video with SV305?

Recently, I notice that there are not too many tutorials of time-lapse videos of SVBONY camera, so in this blog, I will introduce the time-lapse tutorial that combines the SV305 and the Sharpcap.


I use the SV305 with a cheap CS lens. You can use any lens you like, as long as it can focus. Firstly, be sure you have already installed the driver of your SV305 camera, so you can use it on your Sharpcap app. When using Sharpcap to take photos or videos, please make sure that you have enough storage room. One 40 seconds video can take about 1 GB of space on your hard disk. It is a big question, also easily neglected. 200G or more is safe to begin tonight’s astrophotography.
You can get free Sharpcap on their official website. I think the free version has enough function to explore for our newbies.


1. Before we start to set up parameters, connect the SV305 to your computer and click the camera (C) tab on the top left, you can see the SV305 on the camera list, click the above ‘SV305’ tab, you can see the image as above, adjust the focus and Images control. If you can’t open the camera, make sure the driver has installed it and the antivirus program does not block the camera.

After you can see the object clearly you can begin recording time-lapse video.

2. Pictures of low quality will help reduce the storage room. Configure Capture Window you will see: 
Single Frame [ ]
Unlimited [ ]
Number of frames[ ]
Time limit [✔]
Choose Time limit, you need to set the Hour, Minutes, and Seconds for how long you would like to Capture. Remember,  the longer you record, the more disk space you will use, the longer the playback will be.
Sequence Length, you want to take how many captures, such as you wanna take 6 parts in 1 hour, set time limits as 1 hour, choose 6 sequence lengths. As for the Interval, different objects, you need to choose different exposure times and intervals. For example, you wanna take the Milky Way, you can set the Exposure as 20 sec, 24 intervals.

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