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Know better about SA401 85mm APO spotting scope

Know better about SA401 85mm APO spotting scope

Know better about SA401 85mm APO spotting scope

Hi, everyone. As the summer is coming, the exploration, hunting, and bird watching become increasingly approaching!Now to better facilitate our explorers to process activities, we provide really the good assistant-SA401 20-60 85mm APO spotting scope. In the following article, I will introduce its strong points.


 1.APO lens-superlative visual experience

 An apochromatic, or apochromatic lens (apo), is a photographic or another lens that has a better correction of an achromatic and spherical aberration than the much more common achromat lenses. We know lenses have more chromatic aberration than mirrors.

chromatic aberration example

If the image has such a defect, at the edge there will occur purple brink and all image will be more soft and blurry. Chromatic aberration is the phenomenon of different colors focusing at different distances from a lens. That can be understood from the below pictures.

APO correction of chromatic aberration

The apochromatic objectives are capable of producing the sharpest wide-field astrophotographs optically possible. APO letters mean that you deal here with a fully apochromatic performance.

 2.85mm objective lens provides a bigger field and luminous flux.

A big objective lens can provide optimal performance. Compares to a normal 80mm or smaller lens, SA401 brings far-off objects in for a closer peer – and does so with impressive clarity, image resolution, as well as color fidelity.

watching experience

3.The spotting scope is fully sealed and waterproof, its interior argon-filled; it allows you to use this piece of equipment in a wide range of temperatures and extreme weather.

 All in all, SA401is a high-end spotting scope without the high-end price tag. With functions and incredible optical performance hunters and shooters will like this.  

The smooth, fluid, and sleek two-speed focusing, ensure your image for sharp viewing. Take to the hills and SA401 will truly be the visual killer.

SA401 will be in stock in these several months.

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