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SV305 Gallery Part 2

SV305 Gallery Part 2

SV305 Gallery Part 2

Author: Emilio Vismara

M27 area Sharpcap live stack 50x15sec . SV305+135mm photo lens.

Author: Djalil Ichiri

Sv305 with 2x Celestron Barlow

1000 frames captured with sharpcap.

Stacked with Autostakkert.

Author: Flavio Checchi

Jupiter and Saturn with SV305 Pro. Using SW 200/1000 and Barlow 2x from skywatcher.

Author: Pablo Campos

SV305 + 150/750 Scope

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Hi Tyson, I try the sv305 with Sharpcap and a 150/750 newtonian telescope. But the result is very poor. Have you got a guide or a tuto on how to setup the camera and the software please. Thanks. Stéphane

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