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Great News for birders SV401 20-60X80 Spotting Scope

Great News for birders SV401 20-60X80 Spotting Scope

Great News for birders SV401 20-60X80 Spotting Scope

Svbony new spotting scope SV401 is released now. have you own one?

Now let me tell you how is this new spotting scope, and what you could use it for. Hope this new small scope could help you enjoying the life. If you want to know more, please keep patience and read more.

Svbony Spotting Scope.jpg

20-60 zoom eyepiece

As we all know the normal spotting scopes are designed with 20-60x magnification power. That’s because the fixed focus is clear enough for viewing. But only one magnification power isn’t satisfy the customers need. And one more reason, if you look further, the fixed focus scope could not see the big and clear viewing target. So a zoom eyepiece is needed. 20x to 60x is good enough to satisfy people’s different need. For viewing the landscape, 20x power could help you find the target easily. And if you want to see more details, then the 80x power is enough for magnify the target.

A fixed focus spotting scope is more clear then a zoomed spotting scope. As we all known, the optics have their own rule to gather together into a clear picture through the spotting scope tube that is presented in our eyes, the fixed focus system has the special rule. And the zoomed system is compatible with different rules together, so there should be a best point of the clarity, it could not be the average clarity level at different magnification power. Someone may say that I could not see the clear image at 60x, but I could see the most clear image at 20x power. See, that is the result, and this is normal. If two spotting scopes have same specification, then the better quality one will have much clear image. And also the price will be higher. Choose which one, it depends on your money.

Spotting Scope.jpg

80mm objective lens

The larger spotting scope objective lens, the brighter image will be get. Larger aperture will gather more light, so what you see through the spotting scope will be comfortable. The field of view will be bright and the edge of the sight range will be clear. The whole image is much more colorful than that from the smaller aperture scopes.


7pcs/5groups eyepieces

The 7pcs lens design makes sure this eyepiece is much better than the 3 pcs or 4pcs lens design. lower distortion and better image quality. The 14mm eye relief makes sure the comfortable viewing. This eyepiece could be removed from the spotting scope tube, so people could restock them separately. So it is easy to take the SV401 outside and make sure the long-time life using.

Fully Multi-coated Lens

The SV401 is designed with quality optics, and the objective lens is coated with wide brand antireflection films. The prism and the eyepiece lens are also produced with quality multi-coated films. People will love what they see through the Svbony SV401 Spotting Scope. It won’t let you down.

IPX6 Waterproof

When you take the SV401 to view the nature, the rainy days could not stop your interest. The SV401 is Nitrogen Filled, it is waterproof and fogproof. The normal small rain could not destroy it, it could still work for you. and of course, you should take care of it, you should dry it and clear it after your using when restock it. It could not self-clean, thanks!

Svbony SV401 Spotting Scope.jpg

360 degree turned around

Normally, the spotting could not turn 360 degree. The better one is turn 270 degree, for satisfy all people’s need, svbony design the sv401 could be turned around 360 degree. Hope you enjoy it!

Finally, if you want to buy one, then click the link to get your SV401:

any questions, welcome your emails to: info@svbony.com.  


Comment user


Bonjour, je possède une monoculaire SV401, puis je monter un SV105 et avec quels éléments. Je ne trouve pas la documentation technique du modèle sv 401 En vous remerciant Cordialement

Comment author


SV401 n'a pas de documentation technique, car il est conçu pour être simple et facile à utiliser Je suis heureux de répondre à toutes vos questions

Comment user

Ronald browning

Hello What is the difference between the svbony 401 and the 402 please ?

Comment user

New customer

The SV402 is either a 16-48x60 or 20-60x70 Spotting Scope, with a retractable hood, there's your difference.

Comment user


YES, but not only this difference but also: the diameter of the objective lens, the waterproof level, and the resolution, etc.

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