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SV503 Gallery Part 4

SV503 Gallery Part 4

SV503 Gallery Part 4

Author: Bill Bonar

The moon from this morning near Edinburgh....My new SVBONY 102ED Scope, ASI462MC camera. Sharpcap Quickcapture 1000 frames, stacked and Registax 6.....


Author: Ahmet Kuzu

Horsehead and Flame Nebula

Optics : SV503 ED80

Camera : ASI533MC

Guidescope : 50mm

Guidecam : QHY5Lii

Mount: AVX


Light : 19x 300sn 1x1 Bin

Dark : 10x

Flat : 20x

DarkFlat : 20x


Author: Paul Capino

Sharing a work in progress (will try to get more data)

44mins of The Bubble Nebula using the Svbony 102mm without the reducer and the Svbony 50mm guidescope.

EQM35mpro + ASI533mcp + Lextreme filter


Author: Raf Serrano

Another fantastic clear sky last night, before a week of clouds and rain. With an overloaded mount and a terrestrial camera I managed to image the Tarantula Nebula, no filter used. Excited with the UHC filter on the way, hoping weather cooperates when I get it, I reckon perfect for bortle 5 skies here at home

Camera: Unmodified Sony A7RIV crop mode (26mp)

Telescope: Svbony SV503 80mm F7 Doublet with 2.5x Powermate

Mount: Skywatcher AZ-Gti

1400mm FL, 28x30sec, ISO3200

Preprocessed in Adobe LR, Stacked and Edited in Adobe PS


Author: Paul Capino

I redid the Helix Nebula with the 102ED this time, without the reducer for a bit more reach. Luckily, my ED didn't show any issues on the corners

3.2hrs of 5 mins subs + darks + flats using an ASI533mcp


Author: Mateusz Kruczek

Iris Nebula

sv503 80mm ed + asi071mc + baader uv IR cut , guide sv106+ asi120mm, HEQ5, ASIAIR

6h of material with 10min subs


Here's to the Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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