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Imaging the Sun in white light with an SV705C.

SVBONY SV705C Planetary Camera for EAA Astronomy OSC Camera USB3.0 IMX585. The SV705C OSC CMOS camera proved to be a competent solar imager in this white light imaging session.  ...

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Performance Charter of SV705CC Camera

SV705C adopts IMX585 CMOS color sensor. It features a large sensor format of 1/1.2”, the pixel size is 2.9μm*2.9μm, a high resolution of 8.30 Megal Pixel (3586*2180). EQ peak can reach ≈ 90%  ...

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SV305M Pro Monochrome Camera review 2

I take the SV305M Pro Monochrome Camera for Macro shooting! Can this work?  ...

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