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Astronomical Filters are an Essential for Amateur Astronomers

Astronomical filters are the preferred method to enhance contrast. These filters work by selectively transmitting light at certain wavelengths while blocking others. There are three main types of telescope filters: nebula filters for deep-sky observation, planetary filters, and solar filters. It's important to note that astronomy filters reduce the amount of light passing through the telescope, resulting in dimmer overall images.  ...

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What's The Filters Function?

Can electronic cameras be fitted with filters? of course ,Svbony's electronic cameras and astronomical cameras are both 1.25-inch apertures, and 1.25-inch filters can be installed. Svbony UV/IR Cut Filters compatible with DSLR cameras, CCD cameras, Astronomy Telescopes. High-quality, very latest coating technology optical glass to block UV/IR light. Provides the best color balance and sharpness.  ...

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SV155 1.25 " 7-Piece Filters Set for Moon Viewing-Review

A nice set of 1.25” planetary filters for any telescope, you can see features on the Moon & planets in a whole new light.  ...

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What Filters are Used for Planetary Photography?

How should I choose filters for planetary photography? Is the more expensive the better? Check out this article for more information.  ...

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Learn How to Pick the Right Filter for Yourself

There are several types of astronomical filters used in astronomy and astrophotography,as a small accessory in astrophotography, it can play a big role in imaging. With so many types of filters, how do you choose the right one for you?  ...

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What about SV133 Multiple 5-Position 2'' Filter Wheel?

The SVBONY Filter is suitable for 2 inch eyepieces and for viewing with single-lens reflex camera and CCD camera (M48 to M42 adapter exclude). Filters can be replaced very quickly, even when the camera is installed or the eyepiece is inserted.  ...

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