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Rosette Nebula is Really Beautiful

The Rose Nebula is really beautiful and full of mystery. SVBONY's OTA can capture it well.  ...

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M31 Andromeda Nebula

Be relax. We are going to have fun with this nebula. Although you may have earthly woes, get your mind back on the stars.  ...

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Redshift Phenomenon in Astronomy

Redshift is an interesting astronomical phenomenon. In the visible light band, it is manifested as the spectral line moving a certain distance toward the red end, that is, the wavelength becomes longer and the frequency decreases. , this is the redshift, and the movement of celestial bodies and the prediction of their patterns are inseparable from the study of the redshift phenomenon.  ...

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SVBONY Brasil 1st Amateur Astronomy Meeting

svbony Brazil representatives will hold the first amateur astronomy meeting in Serra Negra/SP Brazil in September 2023, looking forward to your participation.  ...

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Why Are The SHO Gases in Nebulae Distributed Like That?

Atoms of different elements mix well in the whole jet, but the energy and quantity of ionized photons from the central star will vary with the distance from the star, the shielding of gas and dust, and other factors.  ...

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What do you know about SV405CC Cooled Color OSC Camera?

Sv405cc cooled color OSC camera is one of the necessary products for astronomy lovers. It has the function of cooling / cooling. Its shooting targets are mainly nebulae, galaxies, star clusters, multi stars, etc.  ...

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