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New Product Reviews—SV223 2 '' 90-degree Diagonal

Is a diagonal worth buying over $100? This is a test review,Maybe you can make a judgment after reading it.  ...

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What diagonal should I choose, Prism or Mirror type?

In this article, I take the SV188P and SV138 as the example, introduce each kind of diagonal's advantages and shortcomings for the beginners, the 45° is more suitable for the terrestrial, or long focus Schmidt-Cassegrain and Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes, while it induces the CA, and so favored by today's market......  ...

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What’s the Special of SV501 Telescope

Thanks for interested in Svbony SV501 telescope. hope you enjoy the special design fo prism diagonal.  ...

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Zenith Mirror Flagship Products Heavily Recommended

In order to meet the growing needs of everyone, and to make the experience of astronomical observation and starry sky photography more perfect, SVBONY have launched four astronomical flagship zenith mirror products based on the needs and suggestions of many users. Please allow me to solemnly introduce them to you.  ...

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