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SV605CC Major Upgrade

The SV605CC has completed the hardware upgrade, and has optimized the horizontal stripes. The S/N serial code of the new product has been changed to S/N(B). Welcome all of you to evaluate and comment on the new product.  ...

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SV605CC Tests NINA & Sharpcap Sensor Analysis

SV605CC camera is designed with SONY IMX533 color SMOS sensor, with pixel size of 3.76um, higher resolution and quantum efficiency of more than 80%. The double narrow band filter can also obtain good imaging effect in the light pollution environment.  ...

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SV605C application scenarios and equipment collocation

SV605CC adopts double-layer semiconductor refrigeration, which can cool to 30 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature. The refrigeration function can only work when 12V external power supply is connected.  ...

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Drying Tube-What is Its Function?

In general, do not use drying tubes unless condensation is confirmed on the camera.  ...

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