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Amazing Images from SV305 Camera

Amazing Images from SV305 Camera

Amazing Images from SV305 Camera

Thanks very much for our customers who received the SV305 camera, and feedback some images when they try their SV305 first time. 

Image 1;


Image 2; Moon

SV305 Moon Sky Full.jpg

Image 3; Saturn


Image 4; Jupiter


Image 5; M27

M27 the Dumb Bell Nebula SV305.jpg

Hope you love the above images from the SV305 camera

Hope more clear nights. so that we could get more images from SV305 camera. Good Luck!

Any questions, welcome to send email to 

Thanks for your reading!


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nicole starz

Does anyone have the sharpcap settings for imaging with a svbony sv305 and a 10 inch newtonian? I do not have a tracking mount. I am struggling and about to return the camera. i can see images during the day but never at night. ANY ADVICE WELCOME!!!!!

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