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Classification Of Rifle Scope

Classification Of Rifle Scope

Classification Of Rifle Scope

How many kinds of rifle scopes are there, do you know? Now let's learn about it.

(1) Divided by multiplier

1, Constant rifle scope:

The multiplier is fixed, and usually there is no multiplier device. This kind of rifle scope has small parts and good optical imaging, like small distortion, and the best earthquake resistance, stable work. Disadvantages are too fixed multiplier, unfavorable When the multiplier is too high, it is not conducive for close range shooting; when the multiplier is too small, it is not conducive for distant observation. Constant power mirrors are often used by military snipers or target shooters.

2, Multiplier rifle scope:

Variable magnification lens group is used in the mirror body, which can realize the conversion from low magnification to high magnification. The collimating lens is universal, can realize the close range observation, the long distance accurate aiming. The flexibility is better. But the disadvantage is too many moving parts. Sometimes in high vibration high impact, compared to the constant rifle scope, overall service life ratio is slightly worse.

3, Side focusing scope:

The function of side focusing sight(rifle scope) is the same as that of objective lens focusing rifle scope, except the knot structurally, the side-focusing sight is a concave lens change inside a lens body. The imaging focal points of the mirror group are superposition and eliminated by making the sum dividing plate coincide with the imaging focal points of the eyepiece group Parallax, modified trajectory. Side focusing has complex structure, high price. But accuracy and reliability than usual the objective lens focus is much higher. It is gradually replacing the objective lens focus sight.

(2) The three main categories

1, Telescopic sight

2, Collimating optical sight

3, Reflex sight

Among them, telescopic sight and reflex sight are the most popular. The two types of rifle scopes are mainly used in the daytime, so they are collectively referred to as day scope/sight, in addition, there are night scope/sight for night aiming. Night vision devices are added to the above two types of aiming devices, which can be further divided into low-light level aiming devices and infrared aiming devices (which can be further subdivided into active infrared and thermal imaging). There is also a HOLO Sight, which works in a different way than the reflective sight, but which works by the same way.

With so many kinds of rifle scopes, which one do you prefer? Please let me know. If you have any ideas and opinions about rifle scopes, please send me email to hunting@svbony.com.

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