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Interview with users of SV503 telescope(2)-Paul Capino with his SV503 102ED

Interview with users of SV503 telescope(2)-Paul Capino with his SV503 102ED

Interview with users of SV503 telescope(2)-Paul Capino with his SV503 102ED

With the increasing amount of attention on the SVBONY brand, we will have the interview series of the SV503 telescope and the SV305 camera users in the following weeks so more people can familiar with SVBONY and the Astronomers.

SV503 ED telescope

Today, we have an interview with Paul Capino from the Philippines, get lucky he is on holiday, can't give up such a good opportunity.😂

Next is the content of this week’s interview:

1. Paul, you are getting better at deep-sky photography, do you mind giving a short introduction about yourself?

Paul: Thank you very much for the comment! I am a 51-year-old father of 2 boys and 2 dogs. I am into anything technology and yet I still have a woodworking shop where I pretty much work with my hands and it's where I make and sell wooden products (to fund my hobbies!). By trade, I am an I.T. Enterprise Architect.

 At first, I thought you were a veteran(in astronomy).
Paul: Yes, if we are talking about my age.

Paul's work office

 2. When did you become interested in Astronomy and what gears did you use till right now, what about your user experience?

P.C: I have been interested in astronomy ever since I saw the Horsehead nebula in a photo during the late 70’s and it was only until now that I ventured into capturing my own images. My very first real scope for Astrophotography was the Svbony 102ED and have been using it since. 

Pickering's Triangle

(Pickering's Triangle, this is part of the entire Veil nebula / Cygnus loop. This is part of a Super Nova that exploded around 10k-20k years ago 🙂)

Here’s my first photo of the horsehead last April 2021 using an ordinary DSLR, Lens, and a Skywatcher Star Adventurer. Below is an attempt this October using a bigger EQM35M Pro mount and a dedicated scope/Astro camera. The below pictures were with the EQM35M Pro mount and the Svbony 102mm SV503 scope.

3. Thanks for the image, this is huge progress you had achieved, what are you recently doing?

Paul: I recently purchased a new HEQ5 pro mount, so that I can prepare for larger (future) scopes, and it's currently in my workshop undergoing tuning.

I did a test run with the mount before turning and I decided to use the Svbony SV503102mm. Since I knew what to expect.

I Captured these 2 images in 3 days using the new mount and the reliable SV503 102mm. As I am still a beginner, the experiences are varied from frustration to delight  What I am looking for is consistency and I do believe I have that in the 102mm and so far with the new mount as seen below  Taken just last week. I will be posting that Rosette photo for #Svbonyweek3 on FB!!!

The Pacman Nebula


NGC2244  The Rosette Nebula

4. From we became friends(), I know how much progress you have made from the first moon you took with the SV503 102ED, how do you usually learn the Astronomy information and processing skill in your daily life?

Where did I learn? One word, YouTube.

The North America Nebula

The North America Nebula

4. Lol, speak really succinctly.😀
Last question, Paul, how about using the SVBONY gear, and what would you expect for our following telescope?
Paul: In my opinion, the line of SV scopes is great. But these can be better with better glass. I would like to see larger and/or faster scopes. As for other accessories, I would like to see other stuff like power and USB hubs for example. 
Thanks for your time.
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