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Know Better about the SV305 & SV305 Pro Camera

Know Better about the SV305 & SV305 Pro Camera

Know Better about the SV305 & SV305 Pro Camera

For some beginners first time to use the SVBONY sv305 or sv305 pro camera, he or she will meet some problems. For example, Can't get any clear image only use the camera; Only get a black screen on the computer; Can't see the planets ···for my first test with the SV305 Pro camera, I used 2 hours to get some clear image of the Moon. It is really an unforgettable memory. So I totally understand some other guy's problem when using the SV305 pro camera and the SV305 camera. So today I share some testing processing with you.  hope help to slove your problem. and Know Better of your SV305 & SV305 Pro camera. 

Part 1:  Can't get a clear image, only use the SV305 camera

The SV305 camera is designed with CMOS sensor IMX290. only the sensor can't show you image. It also need a lens. your astronomy telescope is the lens of the SV305 camera. So the SV305 camera should work with a telescope. 

If you only connecting the SV305 camera to your PC ot Laotop. you can only get some light in the software on your screen. you will never get an image. 

Part 2: My computer doesn't recognize the SV305 camera. 

The SV305 camera has Windows Driver, when you use it in windows system, you need install the driver first. 

where to download the driver?  Go to the website-support and download the driver.

If your computer runing Linux system or Mac OS system, then you don't need download a driver. Only use it directly with the capture software.  SV305 and SV305 pro cameras are supported by AstroDMx capture for Linux . This software has Linux version, Raspberry Pi version, mac OS version, and just release the Windows version. Please enjoy it. 

Part 3: I need return the camera, I can't use it. 

Some people may not get a clear image. didn't ask technique support, just send an email to return the camera. 

Here, I know Return CAN'T solve your problem, and none help for your astronomy hobby.

Don't worry. share your problems in details with the Svbony Support Team ( ). we will help you to know more about the camera, and know how to use it. 

Part 4: Testing experience with the SV305 camera. 

The printout below shows the histogram for my camera at low light levels. receive no signal for pixel strength 408 and below. Did my camera a defective one?

Here is the testing results. 






So, please don’t judge a camera as defective one and return it directly to the seller.  We need find the real problem when using it. And find a best solution to fixing the problem. 

Hope all the people enjoy the astronomy hobby. we will try our best to serve you!

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