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Questions time

Questions time

Questions time

Q1: Can you tell me what is the purpose of two Brass Screws on the SV503 telescope?

A: Hi, the screw is to control the focuser, there is someone have told the purpose about them, you can check it in our telescope group:


Q2: What is the thread size F9177A inside the main tube where the helical focusing system screws in?

A: The screw size inside the main tube is Female M31x0.5.


Q3: I need help with my 305 pros. It connects software. But when trying to take a picture the picture is black. I have a 305 that bought the first did the same thing. so bought the 305 pros .please help me get the 305 pro-working. Email help.

A:  1. Try to do an auto adjustment on the software.

  1. Still can't work, you can change the USB cable or port.
  2. If you can use the camera on SharpCap but can't on Astro DMX capture, it may be the operating question; Either can't, you can also consider upgrading the computer system.
    We have updated the SDK.


Q4: I want to use one of them as a finder and I am just curious. What is the weight of the 50mm and the 60mm? Will they work well with a right-angle diagonal? Can I put together a package with them and an illuminated reticle?

A: If you use the diagonal, the inward travel isn't enough, I tried.
The net weight of the 50mm and the 60mm is 810g and 1130g.
Do you mean illuminated reticle eyepiece? I didn't try that but If the focal length is 7-25mm, it should have no problem.
If you consider the illuminated finder, you can check this. SV208-8x50-finder-scope-illuminated/


Q5: Just purchased a camera, did the basic setup, tested during the day through a telescope on a group of trees with good results, tried viewing the moon that night could not get an image at all, and it's a full moon, lots of light. Tried again during the day and got extremely grainy blur could not focus, played with gain/exposure/white/RGB adjust, etc. no good. I have the latest drivers from your sight, tried on sharp cap 3.2 and 4, all with the same results. There is a lot of "tweaking" a person could do I suppose, however, I did watch various youtube tutorials, and all did basic install/hookup, pointed at the moon, and had great imaging through telescopes. Am somewhat frustrated and could use some help. Sincerely, Tim D.

A: The camera can be recognized, so the camera doesn't have a question and you installed the camera driver right.
And you can use it during the daytime, so I think it is the software set, like ISO and exposure time.
1. Make sure you find the moon with the finderscope( already did Coaxial alignment) or eyepiece and change the eyepiece to SV305.
2. Try Auto exposure time, it can solve most questions.
3. If you still can't do it, use the AstroDMX capture, to check if it is the software compatible question.
4. You can upgrade to Win11 if still it is not all the above questions.

Thanks for your watching.

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