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SV208 8x50 Straight-Through Correct Image Finder Scope Introduction

SV208 8x50 Straight-Through Correct Image Finder Scope Introduction

SV208 8x50 Straight-Through Correct Image Finder Scope Introduction

1. Background

The finder scope is a small auxiliary telescope set up on your telescope and pointing in the same direction. The magnification of the finders is usually much smaller than that of the main telescope(6×30,8×40,9×50), so it can see a wider range of the sky, which helps to find the desired celestial body in the night sky.


2. SV208 Feature

1. Decent image sharpness and comfortably and precisely navigate and locate the desired object in the night sky;
2. FMC coating lens surfaces brings less light loss;
3. Adjustable Brightness LED Illuminator: Make the object much more apparent against the dark background;

4. Large field of view FOV: The eyepiece has comfortable eye relief and produces a 7.3 degrees field of view;
5. Focusing of lens and crosshair separately possible: Both the eyepiece and the main objective can be focused independently so that you can obtain perfect focus for your eyes;
6. Power supply by 2pcs coin battery type LR754.

SV208-LED illuminator.jpg

3. Innovation

1. The imaging is completely upright, in line with the basic observation habits of people, and there is no need to imagine changes in orientation in your mind;
2. Right-angle upright image, user-friendly experience;
3. Excellent internal extinction technology to solve the problem of stray light interference from the lens barrel;
4. Standard 1.25-inch detachable eyepiece interface, adding more methods to use SV208.
SV208 details.jpg

4. Specification

Model SV208
Lens Diameter 50mm
Focal Length 185mm
Magnification 8x
Eye Relief 21mm
Exit Pupil  6.25mm
Field of View 7.3°
Lens coating FMC
Image Orientation Correct-image
Cross-hair Optical Reticle
Illuminated Yes
Angle Adjustment Yes
Objective  Achromatic 2-Element
Adjustable focus Yes 
Net Weight 632.5g / 1.395b / 23.21oz

The SV208 finder link:

SV208 8x50 Straight-Through Correct Image Finder Scope with Illuminated

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Anyone know how to set the focus on the SV208 finder?

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