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SV503 Gallery Part 6

SV503 Gallery Part 6

SV503 Gallery Part 6

The great works by our customers continue!

Author: Jim Toplicar

M16 (Eagle Nebula) by SV503 80mm refractor.


Author: Jim Toplicar

Soul Nebula (IC 1848) by SV503 80mm ED refractor.

Stacked and processed in Pix Insight.


Author: Jim Toplicar

Heart Nebula by SV503 80mm ED refractor.


Author: Ahmet Kuzu

Jellyfish Nebula

SV503 ED80 x0.8


AVX Mount

Astroberry, EKOS


Light : 39x 300sec

Dark : 10x

Flat : 20x

DarkFlat : 20x


Author: Luis Araiza Rodriguez

The Heart Nebula

SvBONY 80mm ED

HOTECH Field Flattener

ZWO EFW 1.25”

Optolong l-Pro, l-eXtreme

ASI294MC Pro

SvBONY 32mm guide scope

ASI290MM guide camera


Skywatcher EQM 35 Pro

4.5-hour exposure 5-minute subs


Author: Harald Becher (IG: deepskywatching)

Rusty moon.

Filmed with a LumixG81 in 4K on the Sv503 ED 80mm @560mm focal length. Best 60% of 600 frames. Pipped, autostakkered and registaxed. Color Crime done in Affinity Photo.


Author: Jason Jacks

Jellyfish Nebula - IC 443

Equipment used:

Celestron Avx mount

Asi2600mc pro imaging camera

IDAS NBZ filter

Svbony Sv503 102ed scope

Sv193 0.8x reducer

Asi290mm mini guide camera

Svbony Sv106 60mm guidescope

Nina, Phd2, and CPWI for capture and sequencing

38x10 minute lights

50 flats, flat darks, and darks

Stacked and processed in pixinsight as HOO by splitting the rgb channels and processing separately as Ha and Oiii because of the NBZ filter.


Author: Harald Becher

M42 Orion with only 50min exposure time.

Along comes M43, NGC1977 and NGC1981.

Optics: Sv503 80ED eith 0.8 Flattener and IRCut.

Camera: ASI071mcpro

Mount: Azeq6pro

Software Pixinsight and Affinity Photo

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