Notice of SVBONY's First Official Calendar Portfolio Collection

Notice of SVBONY's First Official Calendar Portfolio Collection

Notice of SVBONY's First Official Calendar Portfolio Collection

Since the establishment of the SVbony brand, we are building friendly and solid relationships with more partners all over the world. We hope to provide you with a better experience by exploring more beneficial ways, we cherish and like the works shared by all SVbony product holders and sincerely thank you for your support. 

At the beginning of 2023, we plan to release the first edition of the official calendar with your work as an important showcase. Therefore, a call for entries is now launched, and your submission will have the opportunity to be featured in the most prominent place on the calendar and be seen by the world.

Solicitation Date

15th Sep. --15th Nov. , 2022

Winner list announcement

24th Nov, 2022

Scope of work

Works in any field of astrophotography

Prize Settings

Number of shortlisted works: 23

Prizes: 12% discount on shopping for the whole year + a copy of "2023 Official Calendar"

Contribution Channel

Attach your work and some information through the form, and we will contact you as soon as possible after confirming the submission.

Submission Requirements

1. There are no restrictions on the use of equipment and materials, but at least one SVbony product is covered by the equipment you shoot.

2. You can submit any number of photos for selection, but in the end we will only accept one of them as the material.

3. For the same shooting target, we will only select one, so please fully consider the competition.

4. The submitted works must be taken by myself, we do not accept any infringement and pirated works

5. No mark can be added to the submitted works


The copyright of the submitted works belongs to the applicant, and the selected works are deemed to authorize the SVBONY official website as publicity materials and advertising materials.

After winning the prize, the organizer may cancel the prize if any violation of the entry guidelines is found.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

More details to be updated...


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I purchased all my telescope gear via amazon. Do i still get the calander. ? is there a site or go to place to show me how to setup my telescope and camera ?

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Of course you can, come on. Join our community for more information.

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