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So this is the last activity for our fans in 2021, we want to make it special and significant, so.....we apply the very popular  SV503 70ED telescope as this activity award!!! 

Simple rules: 

1. Video content: SVBONY products test, review, visual experience, and experience sharing.

MP4 format, At least 3 min or longer, and post it on Facebook or YouTube or send it to us we will publish it on our official Youtube account.

( Must be SVBONY eyepieces, telescope, sports scope, or camera.)
2. Share this post and be visible!
3. Time: 12.5-1.10, We will announce the winner on January 11th.
If you have already posted a proper video within the last 60 days you can also repost it again.
4.@Cindy Liu or send me the link. Email address: support@svbony.com
>10 videos, we will send the 70ED to the one whose video gets the most likes.
For all participating videos, the following information must be provided:
Location, time, equipment (scope, guide equipment, filters, camera, etc.), post-processing software.
If there is more detailed information, it would be better. Such as weather conditions (transparency, seeing, etc.), equipment brands, etc. at the observation site.
The organizer shall not be held liable for any other legal disputes caused by such non-faithful acts such as works fraud and infringement that deprive the appraisal qualifications after verification, and the awards that have been appraised shall be revoked.


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hola quisiera tengo una camara sv305 quisiera saber que debe obtener el video para participar en el concurso del telescopio ya que no entiendo si es lo que se ve directamente en la camara o debo grabarlo con otra camara y hacer un unboxing. gracias

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Hola señor Puedes grabar un video de unboxing y comentar tu experiencia. O puede combinar los dos, desde el desempaquetado hasta la evaluación

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