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The First Maksutov-Cassegrain of SVbony-MK 105 Pre-sale Now

The First Maksutov-Cassegrain of SVbony-MK 105 Pre-sale Now

The First Maksutov-Cassegrain of SVbony-MK 105 Pre-sale Now

The focal ratio of the Maksutov Telescope design provides a high magnification but a narrow field of view, which has an excellent performance in planetary , and is also very suitable for the binary star systems and globular star clusters. Compared with refracting telescopes, its shape design is more portable: with the same focal length astronomical telescope, the overall length of the Maca type is only about half of that of the refracting type. Since the imaging principle of the Maca-type astronomical telescope is the reflection of light, the photographer does not need to worry about the chromatic aberration of the imaging. Therefore, it is especially loved by planetary photography enthusiasts.
MK105 was the first Mak telescope we released and our first foray into planetary telescope development.
Main Configuration:
105F13 、 130mm V-shaped metal dovetail plate 、Removable metal interface
High-reflection dielectric coating process 、 double star-seeking dovetail groove design
The correction mirror is coated with a highly reflective medium, with a reflectivity of up to 99% (the overall OTA transmittance can reach 82%); it greatly improves the imaging sharpness of observation targets such as planets, and can provide imaging quality without chromatic aberration and high contrast.
The double star-seeking dovetail slot design provides you with more accessory installation interfaces, provides more possibilities for accessory selection, and is more convenient to use.
Model MK105
Type Maksutov-Cassegrain
Aperture 105mm / 4.13 inch
Focal length 1365mm / 53.74 inch
Focal Ratio f/13
Primary mirror Multi-coated Precision Aluminum Coating
Secondary Mirror 99% Reflectivity Dielectric Coatings and Multi Coating
Focuser Internal
Mounting Vixen Style
Mounting Base Number 2PCS
Resolving power 1.1arc seconds
Limiting magnitude 12.1
Light gathering power 210x
Optical Tube Length 377mm / 14.84inch
Optical Tube Diameter 119mm / 4.68 inch
Optical Tube Net Weight 2193g / 4.83lb
Adapter Thread M42x0.75 For T-Ring
Now, the pre-sale has started, you can buy it directly on our website.
It might be a good choice as a Christmas present.
Looking forward to your feedback and more suggestions,  hope we can go further on the road of astronomy with you!


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Can the focuser be rotated for use with a side mount tripod?

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