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The show must go on

The show must go on

The show must go on

It’s been tough since the covid-19 broke out in the cold winter of 2020, all of sudden, astronomy, the hobby we all share, has become silent since we can not share the joy with our familiar or unfamiliar friends any longer. During this period of time, Svbony is also trying to figure out how to bring the joy and excitement back as we were as a group to enjoy the hobby outdoor.

Yet we launched a lottery on Facebook to encourage all of our fans to share their “toys”, so in this blog, I will post some of the best ones as an astronomy party online. The passion and love for this hobby will never vanish, just as Freddie Mercury sings, the show must go on.

Walt Bobrowski

The Svbony SV171 8-24mm zoom eyepiece has been a fantastic upgrade for my 114mm GoTo. It has made 'casual viewing' even easier. I highly recommended it!

Svbony blog

Javier Moreno

Svbony 503 is ready to explore the moon.

Pitak Tisuthiwongse

Cheap telescope can be upgraded very easily with this eyepiece.

Sean Needham

Here's my little summer travel about widefield machine; a Nikon D810 sat on a Star Adventurer 2i (running in eqmod via Astroberry), DIY dec alignment/weather station/af unit and all guided with the SV305/SV165 combo which since I've been using I've not had a failed sub for guiding issues in over 30 hours of imaging. Also just ordered some adapters to try the SV305 as an imaging camera.

I've already know what is going to be going on here next, just waiting patiently on the news about it's development and release.

Tommy Burnette

Svbony gear...105 camera, 32mm 26mm 20mm 16mm 10mm eyepieces and a 2x Barlow plus a couple of filters.. waiting on my new zoom eyepiece! Keep up the good work Svbony!

Alessandro De Pace

My two boy! Ed80+ed102

Ramon Verano

Using a SV101P tripod and 2pcs ultra wide 20mm SVBONY eyepiece for my binoviewer for spotting.

Carlos Enrique Ortiz Rangel

The best service, the best cost-benefit ratio, the best finish, the best quality control, that is SVBONY .. !!

Bill Collins

My SvBony AP rig. SV503 ED80 f/7 Refractor.SV305 Camera,SV106 50mm Guide Scope,SvBony Dovetail Rail and Clamp.

Grim Villanueva II

Martin Laža

I am one happy camper with SVBONY products!

Complete collection of guidescopes - 30,50,60mm


2" UV/IR filter

1,25" IR Filter

2" Filter wheel

Laser Collimator + Self centering collar

90Deg Prism

7-21mm Eyepiece

2xDew heaters on the way

Albert Tamayo

  • SV123 Camera Adapter
  • Svbony Aspheric Eyepieces
  • EOS-C Clip-on CLS Filter
  • SV165 Mini Guide Scope
  • 210mm Red Dovetail.

Planetary images taken with Svbony eyepieces. DSO image taken with Svbony CLS filter. My photo with my DSLR now equipped with Svbony CLS filter. Great products!

Thank you Svbony! 

A big thanks to all of our lovely fans. Let the show continues!

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