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The SV503 telescope Use Guidance and Suit for the beginners

The SV503 telescope Use Guidance and Suit for the beginners

The SV503 telescope Use Guidance and Suit for the beginners

Use the SV503, an eyepiece, a diagonal to set the first step!

Hello, everyone, this blog is about how to easily use your SV503 telescope, also maybe the first step in your Astronomy career.

Though many experienced Astronomers buy the SV503 series Refractor like 80ED, 102ED is for their deep sky project, there are still many beginners who just buy the SV503 out of trust of the SVBONY brand and the good reputation of the telescope it enjoys. 


1. The complete system

Firstly, the SV503 telescope is only a tube with an objective lens, you also need an eyepiece to set up a complete optical system. Many newbies don't know what's next? I buy a telescope OTA, why just a big lens tube? How can I see stars and nebula, Jupiter like others with it? We even receive the letter that describes this SV503 advertisement as a fake ad, the guy thinks he is fooled!! You need an eyepiece to set up the optical system. Sometime s the diagonal is also needed if the focal length is not long enough to achive the clear point, also to correct the image upside down for normal visual habit.

  How it works  Credit:  Museo Galileo

2. Support

Besides, it will be not easy for you to hold the SV503 for stargazing like a light monocular, especially when it is 5 or 10KG, you know what, the high power like 12×50 binocular also needs steady support like your shoulder to avoid dizzy shaking! Forget this if you are like Governor Schwarzenegger strong. That's why we recommend a rock-solid tripod like SA402 and functioal or other ones you like.

Bioncular support

 The image credit: paybacks

3. Beginner visual SV503 suit

To help the beginner to step out from zero to 1, we prepare the SV503 80ED suit, whether for planetary or deepsky object, it can satisfy the needs, most of all, if you decide to do Astrophotography when you become a veteran, the SV503 will not be out-dated undoubtedly. The SV113 20mm eyepiece is popular and suitable for the visual big deep sky object and moon.The SV188P diagonal is fonded by many users.

We choose the very popular products for beginners so you don't have to worry about the focus, set problem. Also, the weight is into consideration for the portability purpose in travel or backyard observation. You just need to add a solid tripod like the SA402 tripod to hold the equipment!

Also use a phone adapter to help photography.

SV503-113-188P suit



Comment user


Hi! How do I set up red dot finder? thanks!

Comment author


thank you for your message, we will contact you by email.

Comment user


I recently bought svbony 503 102ED and diagonal and zoom eye piece sv191. I am so much frustrated that I am still not able view jupiter clearly with full zoom of eye piece. I have sturdy tripod so that is not the issue. does anyone know how can I fix this issue before I pull trigger to return whole thing.

Comment user


DO I need a diagonal - or a the eyepiece go in directly? I bought an eyepiece and put it in the end and cannot get anything focused. Ive heard about the need to collimate - and that there is a focus-lock mechanism - how do I know if it needs collimating or where the focus lock is? A diagram of the parts would be helpful so I know what each part is named and does.

Comment author


I think you do need a diagonal, you can match it according to our recommendation, the collimator is not necessary, you can adjust it properly according to the focal length range until a clear picture appears

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