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Firmware Tool for the Latest SV205C Camera

Firmware Tool for the Latest SV205C Camera

Firmware Tool for the Latest SV205C Camera

If you want to make sure any upgrades of SVBONY cameras, please check the previous blog:

Then please check if your SV205C camera is the latest version with IMX415 sensor. And this firmware tool is for the latest SV205C camera(IMX415). Not for the old-version SV205 camera (IMX179). 

Never DO:  if you use this firmware tool to upgrade your old version SV205 camera(IMX179), it won’t work and may kill the camera. So before you upgrade your camera please contact your seller and ask for it. Thanks. 

Upgrade method for the latest SV205C camera (IMX415):

Step1,Upgrade what feature of the SV205C (IMX415) camera?
This firmware tool fixed the SV205C (IMX415) doesn’t show Gain Value in the sharpcap software problem. This is not the problem of sharpcap software. 

Step2,Firmware tool 


Firstly, please email to for the firmware. Firmware version FW_20240311
Secondly, Download and unzip the firmware file to your computer. 

Step3,Upgrade processing

1, Connecting your SV205C camera to your computer.
2, Enter the unzip firmware file, double click the [UvcCamDownload_AllInOne_Rsproxy] upgrade tool. You will see your SV205C camera firmware version. 

Camera IC : VID_0BDA&PID_5880&REV_0012   (Old version)
Fw Version: VID_0BDA&PID_5880&REV_0013   (Latest version, will flash it to camera)


Pic2:Not connect the camera

3, Click the [Start] button, then the flash processing is begin. 
4, when finish the processing, you will see the green [PASS]. and you will see the Camera IC = Fw Version. 

Camera IC : VID_0BDA&PID_5880&REV_0013   (Latest version)
Fw Version: VID_0BDA&PID_5880&REV_0013   (Latest version)


5, Remove the camera from your computer, for 1-2 minutes. Then reconnect it to your computer, enter sharpcap software, after sharpcap connecting to the SV205C (IMX415) camera, you will see there display the Gain Value. 


Step4, Done

If you have any other problems of the SV205C camera (IMX415), don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your reading!

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