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What Telescope Should I Buy

What Telescope Should I Buy

What Telescope Should I Buy

To buy or not to buy a telescope? Seems like a basic question. When you make the final decision of buying a telescope, then there is a serious question: What telescope should I buy?

There are too many telescopes on selling. Which one is the best for me? Firstly, you should find the observation object. The best objects for the beginner viewing are moon and planets. Here I recommend Svbony SV48 telescope for you. It is a great 90mm telescope delivering clear images. The sharp image makes you can’t believe this telescope could be such super clear with such a price. The HK Famous astronomy photographer Vincent Cheng got our SV48 telescope, and gave highly recommendation of it. And this following picture was taken by him. Over exposure of the camera, but this moon picture is super clear, right?

Svbony SV48 Astronomy Telescope.jpg

Svbony SV48 telescope is designed with 2 inch Rotatable Double Speed Focuser. Its aperture is 90mm and focal length is 500mm. so the focal ratio is 5.5. Super light gathering power of the 90mm aperture, much brighter in the field of view than the 60mm 70mm aperture telescopes. This SV48 astronomical telescope has outstanding optics, high quality mechanical components. It is designed with achromatic optic glass for good edge-to-edge viewing. Fully multi-coated green film lens maximize the light transmission eliminating false color. The highlight of this telescope is the double speed focuser, which is smoothly operate and people could feel precise adjustability. The 90mm SV48 telescope is great beginner telescope for deep sky objects photographers and amateur astronomers.

2 inch SV48 telescope comes with 2” extension tube. And a 2 inch to 1.25inch adapter. So that you could use 2 inch eyepieces and cameras work with SV48 telescope. You could also use the 1.25 inch eyepieces and cameras with the 2-1.25 inch adapter. It also comes with the dust plug and lens cover, both of them could prevent the telescope from the dust in the shipment processing. There is a finder scope bracket for adding finer scope when using it. And the dovetail plate is 100mm, the metal tube and the dovetail total is 2.48kg/ 87.45oz. with all the package box the parcel will be about 4.1kg. If you like traveling out, we also prepare a black soft bag, it is convenient for taking the telescope out and work with a photography tripod. Of course it will be much better to let it work with the EQ mount and with a tracking camera.

If you don’t know which model is best for you, just try SV48, this is really a best telescope for beginners and professional astronomers. Any further questions about it, please send email to You could make order directly if without any questions and want to own it. Hope clear skies!



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