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What Can We Do When SV405cc Cooled Camera Fails to Work?

What Can We Do When SV405cc Cooled Camera Fails to Work?

What Can We Do When SV405cc Cooled Camera Fails to Work?

Q1:Why is there glow when using the SV405CC camera?

A1:Glow is owned by the chip itself, this requires shooting dark fields, stacking, and deduction.And this problem has been solved after the software upgrade.


Q2:Why does SV405cc not reach the high gain mode mentioned in the brochure

A2:This problem has been solved after the software upgrade.


Q3:During using Sharpcap software,Why can't the Camera reach the advertised Full Well 63ke and Read Noise 1.2e when working.

A3:This problem has been solved after the software upgrade.


Q4:Why can't the temperature of the camera drop below 0 degrees?

A4:SV405CC camera can reduce the current temperature by 30 degrees.But whether it can be reduced to below 0 depends on your current ambient temperature.


Q5:During using sharpcap software,if SV405cc has double conversion gain, the reading noise will suddenly drop somewhere.

A5:This problem has been solved after the software upgrade.


Q6:When using N.I.N.A, the corresponding driver has been installed, but why does it show that the necessary driver is missing when connecting SV405cc?

A6:This should be because the driver is not installed correctly. Please try to reinstall the latest version of the driver.


Q7:What are the gain values of unity gain and HCG mode respectively?

A7:Unity gain: gain value 150

    HCG mode: gain value 120


Q8:What is the maximum gain?

A8:The maximum gain is 500.


Q9:Is ASIAIR compatible?

A9:Incompatible with ASIAIR.


Q10:Which driver is used in N.I.N.A or IN DI?

A10:Both the native driver of 2. 1.7.3 and the Ascom driver of 1.7.3 can be connected to N.I.N.A.

        INDIGO has been updated.

        Here is a link to the INDIGO driver source code:
        otherwise the driver binary comes bundled with indigo framework itself available for download here:

Q11:How to solve the phenomenon of sensor fogging?

A11:If this problem occurs, we can reissue a drying stick to dry the inside of the camera.


Q12:During using Sharpcap software,When taking pictures while changing the OFFSET, the minimum brightness value is always 0.

A12:This problem has been solved after the software upgrade.


Q13:Can I try to flip the fan to see what happens and can the heat sink be removed?

A13:The fan can be installed reversely, but the heat sink does not need to be removed.


Q14:Can a short exposure of about 10 seconds at high ISO work normally?

A14:Yes,it can work normally.


Q15:How long does it take to save the picture to the computer after each exposure?

A15:The time taken to save to the computer is related to the computer configuration. Using USB3.0, it is basically less than 0.05 seconds.


Q16:When using the new version of v1.7.3 local driver N.I.N.A. ver 2.0, it will crash, especially when it is exposed for a short time and downloading data.

A16:If use the latest SDK, the USB interface is 3.0,this may be related to the computer configuration and the lack of optimization of the system. Please clean up the cache files in the computer and expand the storage space of the computer.


Q17:When taking images with SV405cc, the biggest difference is the weak blue color difference of bright stars.

A17:This is related to offset, white balance and saturation, please adjust the parameters again.If there are still problems, please give feedback to N.I.N.A and us.


Q18:Is there a problem with the consistency between the latest version of N.I.N.A and Sharpcap cooling?

A18:No problem


Q19:Is there a problem with Sharpcap when doing sensor analysis?

A19:No problem


Q20:When opening FITS- files, the CCD-TEMP keyword (used to store camera temperature) is not available, and the file name does not contain temperature when saving the file.【That is,CCD-TEMP keyword is not stored in FITS files】

A20:This problem has been solved after the software upgrade.


Q21:Is there a driver available for APT yet? 

A21:We are doing the docking work of APT native driver, which is now being revised. After the docking is officially completed, it will be announced on the platform.


Q22:When using Camera Driver, pictures cannot be downloaded correctly, and odd frames are missing.

A22:This problem has been solved after the software upgrade.

Q23:What about the fog inside the camera?

A23:Under normal circumstances, do not use the drying tube. Our camera is dry and sealed when it leaves the factory. Unless it is confirmed that the camera has been fogged, you can put the complimentary desiccant in the drying tube, and then insert the drying tube into the camera drying hole. Generally, it takes 48 hours. After suction, lock the screws of the camera drying hole, and the desiccant cannot be reused.

[drying procedure]

Arrange the drying sheets in a row and connect the tubes containing the drying agent from the side.

(generally 48 hours, after the drying process is completed, lock the screw in the drying hole of the camera, and the desiccant cannot be used repeatedly)

Q24:Can sv405cc camera use APT?

A24:SV405CC is supported by APT beta version 4.0.3.

Welcome to ask any questions about sv405cc camera. We will update the problems and solutions here.

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