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Amazing Wide Angle Eyepieces SV113 for Astronomy Telescope

Amazing Wide Angle Eyepieces SV113 for Astronomy Telescope

Amazing Wide Angle Eyepieces SV113 for Astronomy Telescope

What eyepiece is the best for my telescope?

As we all known, the telescope focal length/ eyepiece focal length = magnification power

The best magnification power of the telescope is 2x of the aperture (mm), the over larger magnification the more blurry image you get. So before you buy the telescope eyepiece, please pay attention to you telescope specification.

Amateur astronomers like the wide angle field of view to watch the night sky. So people need to buy some WA (wide angle) eyepieces. The normal K eyepieces are 45 degree. Of course it could not satisfy all the amateurs. So svbony design some new eyepieces to meet your requirements. 

Here are our new SV113 eyepieces.

F9184A 9mm 60 degree eyepiece

F9184B 12mm 60 degree eyepiece

F9184C 16mm 65 degree eyepiece

F9184D 20mm 65 degree eyepiece

SV113 Svbony WA Eyepieces.jpg

Check the structure of the WA eyepieces

 Svbony Eyepieces.png

Features of SV113 WA Eyepieces

The WA eyepieces are designed with aluminum metal, and the alloy surface is sandblasted with satin oxidation, and the handheld rubber design is more humanized, very comfortable. The broadband Fully Multi-coated lens make sure the ultra-high transmittance, people could enjoy the full bright and edge-to-edge clear image. The eyepiece adapter is designed with standard thread and the internal surface of the structure is matted to eliminate stray light. People could add any 1.25 inch filters with M28.5*0.6 threads to the SV113 eyepieces. The 60 degree and 65 degree Wide Angle design could satisfy your need to view the night sky.


If anyone want to own it, please send email to info@svbony.com to preorder it. Welcome any questions and comments. Thanks for your reading.

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