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Widely Used SC001 Wifi Camera

Widely Used SC001 Wifi Camera

Widely Used SC001 Wifi Camera

I believe that many people are already using the SC001WiFi camera.This camera can automatically generate wifi hotspots, easily connect through Android phones or iPhone, photos and videos can be saved to the attached TF card, you can download them at any time.

Yes,it has become more and more popular recently. It was originally designed for land observation such as bird watching and target training, but its use seems to be more than that. Observing the moon and the sun is also very convenient and easy to be taken.This is so interesting, today I will share some images captured with SC001wifi camera.

The Moon and Venus

The Moon and Venus shared by Grant Sorensen

The Moon and Sun

The Moon and Sun shared by Neil English

The Moon

The Moon shared by Steve Streeter


The Moon shared by Skywatcher Simon

Venus and the Beehive Cluster

The Venus and the Beehive Cluster shared by Michael Peterson


Of course, you can also use it to photograph beautiful birds.

Some birds

Some birds shared by Devon Lin Jun Hua

We admire everyone's spirit of exploration very much, and hope you have more attempts on SC001wifi camera.Looking forward to your sharing.

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