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Let SA409-SA410 Fluid Head Tripod Improve Your Photography Efficiency

SA409-SA410 Fluid Head Tripod is a new type tripod with a wide range of applications.  ...

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Comet is Coming! Are You Ready to Start Shooting with Your Equipments?

C / 2022 E3(ZTF)is reaching the closest distance to the earth! It has an estimated orbital period of 50,000 years,very worth observing!  ...

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The SV193 focal reducer can also be perfectly combined with the SV48/SV48P!

SV48/SV48P+SV193+Adapter=A suitable telescope with a focus reducer.  ...

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New Comments and Sharing about SV48P Recently

The SV48P,  one telescope we released a year ago. As our older telescope,compared with the latest SV550 or the classic SV503, it may not perform well in some aspects, but it seems to have brought some new surprises to those who own it recently, especially for beginners.  ...

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Latest Reviews for MK105

The latest review feedback of the MK105 telescope, It will continue to be updated, any problem just tell us!  ...

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Why Are The SHO Gases in Nebulae Distributed Like That?

Atoms of different elements mix well in the whole jet, but the energy and quantity of ionized photons from the central star will vary with the distance from the star, the shielding of gas and dust, and other factors.  ...

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How Much Do You Know About SV220 Dual-Band 7nm Nebula Filter?

SV220 Dual Band Filter is useful for imaging emission nebula, planetary nebula and supernova remnants, and can achieve single exposure to capture large full-color images.  ...

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How to Apply SV165 Mini Guider Scope and SV905C Guiding Camera to PHD2?

This is the operation method of connecting PHD2 with SV165 120mm Guide Scope and SV905C camera.  ...

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Happy New Year for 2023

Hope we can discover better and beautiful phenomena in the new year! Clear Sky  ...

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