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Parameters Comparison of SV305 to SV705C Cameras

The comparison of SVBONY camera parameters allows you to see their differences more clearly.  ...

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New Plus Astronomy Camera---SV605CC OSC Camera for Deep Space Astrophotography

As the second camera for deep space, SV605CC is designed with a diagonal 15.968mm (Type 1)CMOS sensor with a color square pixel array and 3.76μm x 3.76μm per pixel. The sensor incorporates 14 bit A/D converter, the 14-bit digital output makes it possible to readout the signals of 9.07M effective pixels at high-speed of 20 FPS. Read out noise is as low as 1.0e which makes sure the highly suitable for high definition, low noise deep space objects imaging.  ...

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How Much do You Know about SV605C Camera?

SV605CC is a 1-inch color deep space camera with 3.76um pixel size and better resolution, which basically achieves the balance of pixel size.  ...

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How Should I Choose the Right Shipping Way?

This is a small summary of how to choose the logistics methods, perhaps this will help you determine how to choose the appropriate logistics method.  ...

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SV550 Review---From Mateusz.Kruczek

As our first batch of product testers, Mateusz.Kruczek gave a detailed experience after many shots, we hope this will be helpful to all users who are interested in the telescope.  ...

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What about SV133 Multiple 5-Position 2'' Filter Wheel?

The SVBONY Filter is suitable for 2 inch eyepieces and for viewing with single-lens reflex camera and CCD camera (M48 to M42 adapter exclude). Filters can be replaced very quickly, even when the camera is installed or the eyepiece is inserted.  ...

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Notice of SVBONY's First Official Calendar Portfolio Collection

At the beginning of 2023, we plan to release the first edition of the official calendar with your work as an important showcase. Therefore, a call for entries is now launched, and your submission will have the opportunity to be featured in the most prominent place on the calendar and be seen by the world.  ...

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