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Svbony Telescope 1.25" C Mount Adapter for Telescope Astrophotography Astronomy

SKU: W2159A
US$ 9.99

Adapt the focal reducer to a standard C-mount video camera

Threads at the bottom of the c-mount adapter fit the threads on the focal reducer

The threads at the top of the adapter fit the C-mount on your camera

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New C Mount to 1.25" Video Camera Barrel Ring Adapter for Telescope Astrophotography
This adapter makes you attach your video camera with a 'C' or 'CS' thread to your telescope for prime focus photography. C-threads are commonly used in most consumer video cameras whereas the CS thread is mostly used in security cameras. The camera must have a standard removable C-mount lens, which is a 1" diameter thread. Will not work on video cameras with a fixed lenses or bayonet mount.

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