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Enhanced Dovetail Clamp with 2 Brass Screws for Photography Astronomy

SKU: W2581D
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Enhanced dovetail clamp with 2 brass screws and locking screws suitable for heavy telescopes. It has the max loading capacity of 20kg. This product just including one dovetail clamp.

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Model W2581D
Material light aviation aluminum alloy
Color Silver
Length 88mm
Height 28mm
dovetail upside 45mm
dovetail downside 49mm
dovetail depth 14mm
Loading weight 20kg

1.Just including one dovetail clamp, others are just for demo

2.Made of light aviation aluminum alloy, it has the max load capacity of 20kg, with this dovetail clamp, you can attach your telescope to mount especially for heavy telescopes

3.Areal clamping with two brass screws and locking screws can protect the accessories and provide a very stable connection

4.10 bores allow connecting to almost all surfaces. The main mirror interface is 3/4 and 1/4 inch screws and universal screw holes, M6, M7, M8 series are available

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