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Telescope Camera Adapter Phone Adapter

SKU: F9120A
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SVBONY Telescope Camera Adapter Phone Adapter with 2 Phone Brackets for Telescope Microscope Binocular Spotting Scope Monocular Full Metal

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A Little Complicated at first...

Bought this several months ago. At first it's a little complicated to get it working right. The more you use it the easier it gets. However... once it's set up... it works very good. Very stable and you can swing it out of the way until you are ready to take pics.
Model F9120A
Color Black
Material Raw aluminum
Fixed Eyepiece Diameter 1.18-2.44inch / 30-62mm
Adjustable Transverse Length 0-3.15inch / 0-80mm
Height Adjustment 1.5inch / 38mm
Adjustable Longitudinal length 0-4.92inch / 0-125mm
Camera Connection 0.25inch / 6.35mm
Weight 15.98oz / 1lb / 453g

1. Easily attach camera or phone to scope and capture nice pictures and video become so easy

2. Upgrades with 2 phone brackets;makes it more stable

3. Made of row aluminum, Versatile and sturdy;one time purchase for long-term use

4. Eyepiece clamp with rubber-lined, no need worry about your eyepiece is scratched or damaged

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