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SV106 60mm Achromatic Guide Scope

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Versatile 60mm aperture Guide Scope with a built-in helical focuser for precise focusing of potential guide stars. Svbony SV106 Guide Scope can ensure that the main mirror accurately tracks the celestial body to be observed. This SV106 is used as a deluxe straight-through finder scope with optional 1.25" eyepieces installed (eyepieces sold separately)

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Svbony SV106 Guide Scope.jpg

Svbony SV106 Guide Scope.jpg

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Svbony SV106 Guide Scope.jpg

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Does the job very well

I've been using the SV106 for about 6 months now. Couldn't be happier. The scope is mounted on a Meade LX200 ACF SCT 10" aperture scope. An ASI120mm mini guide camera is coupled to the SV106. My guiding is typically 0.5" to 1.0" with a 35lb package on a SkyWatcher EQ6-Ri Pro. Cant ask for better than that.

Excellent guide scope

I'm using this guide scope with az ASI120mm-mini paired with an SV503 80ED telescope. It has excellent materials and image quality, easy to focus and easy to use. It has a focus fixing screw and I never had to refocus since my first use.

what weight ?

Hi, may i know what is its weight, completely? thanks

a guide scope with the heart of a larger telescope

I bought the SV106 guide scope to match up with my SV305PRO guide cam ... they work well together and what more you cam image just with the sv106 ... I will be woking on andromeda galaxy and pleiades star cluster as my skywatcher telescopes don't get the wider field of view in. The 2 part helical focuser is smooth and the 35mm slider will accommodate a camera or eyepiece. The helical ( twist ) section adds another 10mm of fine tuning travel. Fantastic optics and a beautiful matt black finish give this scope a finishing touch, mounted in the well made supplied guide rings with nylon ended adjustment screws give the sv106 a doled mounted feel once its connected to the supplied dovetail mount... one very happy stargazer.... thanks for reading my review ( scivideos)
Model  F9177B
Aperture 60mm / 2.36in
Focal Length 240mm /9.45in
Focal Ratio F4
Coating Fully multi-coated
Best for imaging Deep sky
Focuser Helical Focuser with 8 mm Travel
Connection to eyepiece 1.25inch
Tube diameter 66mm
Dewcap diameter 69mm
Total Length 270mm
Tube material Aluminum Alloy
Included accessories Tube Rings and Dovetail Rail

The Parameter Comparison of SV198、 SV106and SV165

Model SV198 SV106  SV165
Type of Optics Achromat Refractor Achromat Refractor achromatic optics
Lens Structure 2-Elements/ 1Groups
Tube material Aluminum Aluminum Alloy Aluminum
Aperture 50mm / 1.97in 60mm / 2.36in 30mm/1.18in
Focal ratio f/4.1 f/4 f/4
Focal Length 206.6mm / 8.13in 240mm /9.45in 120mm
Coating Fully multi-coated Fully multi-coated Fully multi-coated
Blackened Lens Edges Yes Yes
Focuser Dual Helical + Telescopic Design Helical Focuser with 8 mm Travel Helical Focuser
Connection thread to Eyepiece 1.25" and T2 1.25inch 1.25in and M42*0.75
Base installation type Vixen standard interface Versatile  Vixen standard interface
Tube diameter 55.5mm 66mm 45mm
Dew cap diameter 58mm 69mm 48mm
Total Length 223mm 270mm 112mm
Net Weight 770g 790g 342g
Back Focal Length  - 220mm  -

1. Svbony SV106 Guide Scope is designed for use with the guider CCD astronomy camera or eyepiece. Helical focuser collar will not rotate attached autoguider devices during focus adjustments. This SV106 is used as a deluxe straight-through finder scope with optional 1.25" eyepieces installed (eyepieces sold separately)

2. Svbony SV106 60mm finder achromatic refractor with helical focuser

3. SV106 has FMC (fully- multi-coated) green coating, which can enhance the light transmittance and accurately track the celestial body being photographed

4. How to mount the SV106 to your OTA?

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