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SV131 1.25inch Plossl Eyepiece 6/12/17/25/40mm 4-Element Design 48-Degrees Field of View Standard 1.25-inch Filter Threaded

SKU: W9101
US$ 12.99

All-metal mirror structure

48-degree wide field of view

FMC full broadband multilayer coating 

4-Element in 2 groups optical structures

M28.5*0.6 threaded standard for 1.25-inch interface

The lens edges and inside the barrel are light-removed.


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Another great Svbony product

I was looking for a wide field eyepiece for my 127mm telescope. Having good experiences with Svbony eyepieces in the past, this one seemed to tick all the boxes. Ordering was easy and the item arrived promptly and in fine shape. I'm very impressed with the build and optical quality of this eyepiece, first light was tonight, and the views were great! In my scope, it gives 25X with a 2 degree field of view, just right for star clusters like the Pleaides and Beehive (apparent FOV is 52 degrees, much better than any other 40mm plossl I've ever seen). Star images are sharp almost to the very edge of the field. All this for 50 bucks!

Great Quality/price for F4 Newtonian

Got the 17mm. Very sharp and contrast eyepiece tested on the moon and DSO. Great quality for low price. No distorsion apart the coma that fast newtonians produce. A very great alternative to the eyepieces that come with new scope. Offer great TFoV with short ratio scope.

noticeable upgrade compared to simple eyepieces

I own the 6mm, 12mm, 17mm and 25mm Svbony Plössl. They feel good and the picturequality is pretty good. they also convince with their coated lens and the black thread which leads to non-reflective images. they are not completely free of distortion (that is hardly any eyepiece) but for the price they are a huge step up compared to simple set eyepieces. Its a a purchase recommendation without a doubt!
Model  SV131 SV131 SV131 SV131 SV131
Eyepiece Type  Plossl Plossl Plossl Plossl Plossl
Focal length 6mm 12mm 17mm 25mm 40mm
Field of View  48-Degrees 48-Degrees 48-Degrees 48-Degrees 48-Degrees
Exit Pupil 3.5mm 9mm 11mm 16mm  22mm
Field Stop Diameter 5mm 12mm 16mm 24mm 25.6mm
Lens group 2 Group / 4PCS 2 Group / 4PCS 2 Group / 4PCS 2 Group / 4PCS 2 Group / 4PCS
Lens coated  FMC FMC FMC FMC FMC
Side of the lenscoate  Extinction Ink Extinction Ink Extinction Ink Extinction Ink Extinction Ink
Material Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal
Thread size M28.5*0.6 M28.5*0.6 M28.5*0.6 M28.5*0.6 M28.5*0.6
Non-slip Cover  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eyecup type Rubber Rubber Rubber Rubber Rubber
Net Weight 48g/1.69oz 56.8 g/2.00oz 71.7 g/2.53oz 83.6 g/2.95oz 142.8g/5.04oz
Dimension  Ø33.5x40mm Ø33.5x43.7mm Ø35.5x50mm Ø35.5x61.5mm Ø41x88.5mm
  • SV131 Eyepiece has five focal length sizes, meeting different needs. It has a high-quality image for its fully coating in each glass. Besides, the 48-degree field of view allows you to see more bright images. The all-metal mirror structure will give you comfortable touching. M28.5*0.6 threaded supports 1.25-inch filter adapter installation. The lens edges and inside the barrel are light-removed, which can prevent stray light. The 4-element in 2 groups optical structure brings the great clear images. This eyepiece will show you a brilliant viewing.

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