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SV132 H-Beta Filter 25nm Visual Nebulosity 2inch

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  • 2" Eyepiece Filter; with metal mount 2" filter threads
  • For Horsehead Nebula California; and Cocoon Nebulae in Dark Skies
  • Mainly aimed at the 486nm (blue) line spectrum nebula; filters out the interference of other light; can improve the contrast of the nebula
  • Through the use of filters; the Horsehead Nebula can be clearly seen; filter with metal mount 2" filter threads; threaded to fit 2" eyepieces and threaded diagonal barrels
  • To see a sufficiently dark nebula; ensure a large enough luminous flux; needs to be observed with a large-aperture telescope
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Really good filter!

For what it’s designed for (H-alpha), it functions very well. Brings out detail in diffuse and certain planetary nebula very well.
Model SV132
Type H-Beta
Size 2-Inch
Substrate B270
Substrate Thickness 1.85mm
Wavelength Range 400-700nm
CWL 486nm±2nm
FWHM 25nm±2nm
T peak 90%
Blocking OD3 @300-1100nm
Clear Aperture 44mm
Surface Quality 60/40
Surface parallelism 1/4λ
Parallelism 30"
Net Weight 13.2g / 0.47oz

The H-Beta filter is a narrowband filter specially designed for visual observation. It is mainly aimed at the 486nm (blue) line spectrum nebula, removes the interference of other light, and improves the contrast. During observation, in order to see sufficient dark nebula, it is necessary to ensure a large enough luminous flux with a large-aperture telescope. Small-aperture telescopes are not recommended. It is suitable for observing the Horsehead Nebula in Orion and the California Nebula. Filter with metal 2" threads fits 2" eyepieces and diagonal barrels.

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